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The Institute is a public benefit organization working globally to support individuals, communities, businesses and ecosystems through small farming, educational programs, and community based commerce.  We understand that people and environments thrive when healthy relationships are established within the Community of Nature. The Institute’s work is to restore the connection of human beings within nature and especially with our sources of nourishment.

Community Circles


Reciprocal Economy


Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

– Arundhati Roy

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Trinity County
West Africa
Sierra Nevada
Farms and Guilds
Part 1 – Time is Limited
Part 2 – Wave Of Renewal
Part 3 – Who You Are
Part 4 – The Gift of Being Human
Part 5 – Making The Change
More Videos from Akran
A woman balances palm fruit bunches in the Tchala Village of Togo.
Morning lifts on a Kogi Village.
Kogi gardens are cultivated amidst the wild jungle.
Marne Wilkons at Old Orchard Farm in Weaverville, California
A family celebration in the Foya Village, Liberia

Bridging Humans & Nature Since 1975

The Round Valley Institute for Man and Nature was formally incorporated in 1975 as a nonprofit organization after operating as an ad hoc network of like minded groups and individuals for many years. The organization was founded for the purpose of demonstrating the economic viability of rural and wild regions of Northern California in order to  defend the wild rivers of the state and ultimately all wild rivers in the U.S. The founders of The Round Valley Institute for Man and Nature were directly responsible for drafting and promoting legislation for the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, passed in 1968 and finalized in California in 1981.  Since that time, in addition to clearly demonstrating the success of small community farming in co-creative harmony with nature, Round Valley has given life to efforts that support the participation of humans as necessary members within the Community of Nature. In 2010 the Institute for Man and Nature was established to bring these efforts to a wider international scope.